TCher SG

Welcome to the online tuition that is specially designed with the child in mind

Leading-edge edtech designed to engage and excite today’s digital natives. Proven teaching excellence driven by former MOE school principal, vice principals and top MOE-trained educators only — all with a passion to help every student excel. And a scientifically-proven teaching approach to optimise learning outcomes.

Singapore: It’s time we go beyond online tuition as we know it. Lets give our children the quality education they’ve always deserved, with the TCher SG approach to holistic after-school learning.

This is learning as it should be. This is TCher SG.

Experience the TCher SG difference

Purpose-built online learning designed to intrigue and engage

We make online tuition never tedious, always fun and effective.

Scientifically-robust pedagogy delivered by MOE-trained educators only

Designed to enhance the learning experience and results of every child.

Holistic mix of ‘LIVE’ online tuition lessons and asynchronous learning

Just what students need to gain mastery and confidence; customised to individual learning needs.

3 ways to learn, 1 holistic learning approach

TCher SG Digital Classroom

‘LIVE’ webinar lectures and small-group online tutorials from the comfort of home

  • Weekly 1-hr activity-packed webinar lectures covering key topics and concepts
  • Weekly online tutorials (6-8 students only) with exercises, quizzes and worksheets
  • 1-on-1 online classes for personalised learning

TCher SG App

One digital platform for must-have exam papers to reinforce learning and identify gaps

  • Over 50,000 past-year exam questions from top school papers
  • Save time with automarking and instant answers
  • Clear, step-by-step solutions with explainer videos

TCher SG Online Academy

Pre-recorded teaching videos for self-directed learning, anytime and anywhere

  • 24/7 access to over 200 teaching videos
  • Up-to-date MOE-aligned teaching content
  • Reinforce learning, revise key topics or zoom in on weaker ones