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10 Fun Methods to Get Your Child to Read Independently


10 Fun Methods to Get Your Child to Read Independently

Reading can expand a kid’s world to far-off places with daring and spectacular characters. They can go on unlimited adventures in their minds, thus fueling their imagination and creativity. 

There are many more benefits to reading than its pure enjoyment; it can play a role in a child’s literacy and language skills. Reading can help expand a child’s vocabulary because they will encounter words that they won’t normally hear or use in a regular conversation. They will also learn about different facts and figures, not to mention get immersed in different cultures just by turning the pages. 

Fiction books encourage kids to go beyond the real world and think outside the box. At the same time, books can also provide children with real-life lessons, which are presented in a way that they can appreciate and understand. Stories can help them identify with the characters and, in a way, make them feel that they are not alone in their predicament, such as going to a new school or caring for a sick pet. Through stories, they can recognize and deal with their own thoughts and feelings. 

Remember that some children develop a natural love for learning, while others do not. If your child hasn’t quite gotten into the habit of reading, there’s nothing to worry about. There are many reasons why children don’t like to read. They may have difficulty reading, they think reading is a chore, or they haven’t found the book that sparked their interest just yet. 

If you introduce your child to the wonderful world of reading in a fun and enjoyable way, the more likely they are to develop a love for reading. 

Here are 10 Ways to Get Your Child to Get into the Reading Habit 

  1. Keep it light and fun

Don’t begin by lecturing your child on why reading is fundamental to learning and their eventual success as adults. Kids won’t respond to that! Instead, treat reading as an enjoyable activity, like a hobby to do in their free time—not as a requirement. 

  1. Be a role model 

If you want your kids to adopt the habit of reading, be an avid reader yourself. Make sure your child sees you reading and engage them in a conversation about your current book. This will show children that adults also share in the joy of reading.


  1. Choose books that are appropriate to their level 

While it is good to challenge your child to read above their level, giving them books that are way too difficult for them might just turn them off. They may feel discouraged, frustrated, or they may even have negative feelings toward reading. 


  1. Give books as gifts 

Play a role in their discovery of interesting new titles and authors. Make them feel the excitement of unwrapping, flipping through the pages, and smelling the scent of a new book.  

  1. Surround your child with books 

This may sound obvious, but giving your child access to books in different parts of the house or even in the car, will encourage them to pick up a book and read it. Instead of placing them on shelves where it will be cumbersome for a child to reach, better to let them experience books as part of their immediate environment.  

  1. Create a reading nook

Having a dedicated reading nook at home shows that the family values reading. Get a comfortable chair and a good reading lamp. Maybe throw in some cosy pillows, and you’re good to go! Make sure the books are easily accessible to your child so they can pick and choose depending on their mood.    

  1. See a movie based on a book

There are a lot of books being made into movies. You have the Harry Potter series, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many more. Children will get to see their favourite characters and places come to life. After the movie, ask your child questions about how different the movie is from the book, what parts did they enjoy most, or were the characters looked like what they expected.   

  1. Visit your local library 

Going to the library with your child is another reading experience altogether. Here they will get to explore different titles, authors, and genres. Nowadays most research work can be done online. However, exposing your child to the library will be useful in honing their information-gathering skills in the future. 

  1. Always bring a book

When you know that you and your child will have some downtime when you go out, such as waiting in the doctor’s office, bring a book for your child to read. It will encourage the habit in them and prevent them from simply turning to their mobile devices to pass the time. 

  1. Read to your kids 

One of the best ways to get your child hooked on reading is to actually read stories to them. Plus, it will even develop their listening skills and improve their attention span. Pick out beautiful stories that you and your child can enjoy over and over again. Reading together can serve as bonding time with your child and it will be something that they will remember as they grow up. 


Reading has a lot of developmental benefits to children, which they can carry onto adulthood. Encouraging them to love reading at a young age need not be a pain, especially if they see that same enthusiasm for reading in their parents. Children have different interests, and there are so many books that cover a wide range of topics, themes, and characters that they can choose from. Parents need to talk to their children about what sparks their interest and direct them toward those kinds of books. Moreover, reading can be a fun bonding activity that both parents and children will enjoy.