About Us – TCher SG

About TCher SG:
A passion for teaching. A vision to deliver quality education.

We believe that every child is talented and capable of succeeding in life. And TCher SG is committed to empowering students nationwide with access to quality online teaching and learning, over and above what they experience in school.

The Tcher SG story

The Story

Our journey began in January 2020 when a group of former MOE school leaders came together with a shared vision: to deliver high-quality online teaching that can help every student in Singapore to thrive, regardless of means, background or current proficiency. From this, TCher Online was born.

Our focus from Day One has been to deliver top-notch teaching and learning resources that can give every child the academic edge, as well as the confidence and learning skills for life.

Driven by our passion for teaching and a strong conviction in the transformative potential of edtech, we created purpose-built digital classrooms to suit every learning style.

In early 2022, we joined forces with exam paper super app SG Primary, thereafter forming TCher SG. This joining of like-minded brands — both with a passion for quality education — has further enhanced our holistic learning approach by including questions and answers to sought-after past-year exam papers, all on a single platform.

Today, we remain committed to bringing out the best in every student.
And our journey to level up learning in Singapore has just begun.

Get to know TCher SG

There are tuition centres, and then there’s us. From ‘LIVE’ online classes designed to spark every child’s love for learning to asynchronous resources that enable students to take ownership of their learning at their own pace, TCher SG offers a truly unique approach to education.