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Over 150 hrs of video lessons

(English, Math and Science for P4 to P6) based on the latest MOE syllabus. Available on the TCher SG Online Academy till end 2022

Over 50,000 past-year exam questions

from top primary schools on the TCher SG App; includes automarking, video solutions and more

1,000+ explainer videos

on the TCher SG Online Academy with step-by-step guides to solve top schools’ past-year exam questions


Promotion ends 4 Sep 2022

Experience the TCher SG difference

We combine leading-edge edtech with proven teaching excellence and a heartfelt passion for quality education for every student. The result: a unique teaching approach that will equip your child to excel in the classroom and beyond.

Purpose-built online learning designed to intrigue and engage

We make learning never tedious, always fun and effective.

Scientifically-robust pedagogy delivered by MOE-trained educators only

Designed to enhance the learning experience and results of every child.

Holistic mix of ‘LIVE’ lessons and asynchronous learning

Just what students need to gain mastery and confidence; customised to individual learning needs.

This is learning as it should be.
This is TCher SG.

Students get:

Quality teaching by MOE-trained educators only, through ‘LIVE’ online classes AND 24/7 access to video lessons
Past-year exam questions from top schools, with auto marking and step-by-step guided solutions

Parents get:

Personalised learning reports and parent-teacher meetings after ‘LIVE’ lessons help you track progress, identify weak areas and plug learning gaps
A safe learning space, tailored lessons, and a passionate team of highly-qualified educators

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