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TCher SG Primary 6 modules

Primary 6 students face a major academic milestone: the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination).

Our teachers recognise that students with different learning aptitudes will need more customised support to build their confidence. Hence, TCher SG adopts a holistic preparatory approach to empower our students to achieve academic excellence:

  • Our teachers will familiarise students with the examination format and revisit past-year topics, with emphasis on PSLE testing criteria and commonly-tested topics.
  • A series of PSLE skills lessons will be conducted in August and September to help our students consolidate all the concepts learned and to avoid potential pitfalls and misconceptions.
  • Understanding that our students need to be prepared both academically and mentally for the PSLE, our teachers set the sequence of practices early for our students, with plenty of opportunities for crash-course revision at every step of the way. This will help boost students’ confidence and ensure they are thoroughly prepared for the PSLE papers.

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