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Primary 4 Math

The overarching goal of the Primary 4 Mathematics curriculum is to ensure that all students will achieve a level of mastery of Mathematics that serves them well in life. At this level, students would already have mastered the basics of numeracy and fundamental Math concepts. Our focus is to equip them with a range of strategies to take on tougher concepts that come in at Primary 4 Math.

We adopt the Pictorial Stage in the CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) Approach to teach new concepts such as factors & multiples and fractions beyond one whole. This helps students make sense of the ideas imparted and understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of equations.

Students will also be given an appreciation of Heuristics, as we teach Drawing Symbols & Models, Systematic Listing, Making Sets and Finding Patterns — all necessary tools to solve difficult questions.

‘LIVE’ lessons with TCher SG Digital Classroom

Math  lessons are taught in the TCher SG Digital Classroom, a content-rich and interactive learning space packed with fun features such as e-trophy rewards, real-time quizzes and more — all designed to engage your child, spark their interests and deepen learning.

Weekly classes are split over two formats to ensure enhanced understanding and mastery:
‘LIVE webinar lectures — Hour-long sessions taught by MOE-trained educators only. Covering key concepts, critical techniques and practice time.

Small-group online tutorials — Capped at six to eight students only, so teachers can give more attention to each student’s unique needs and your child gets ample guidance and practice time in each topic, question type, and examinable component.

For even more focused guidance, we also offer personalised 1-on-1 online classes where students get customised coaching and guidance from our teachers.

Asynchronous self-paced learning with TCher SG Online Academy and TCher SG App

Beyond class time, your child will also have 24/7 access to TCher SG’s learning
resources — critical learning tools that students can use to reinforce learning, revise
weak topics and prepare for school assessments, all at their own time and pace.

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