Our Team – TCher SG

Meet the people of TCher SG

TCher SG is the first online academic centre in Singapore to be founded and led by former school leaders, curriculum experts, and senior educators. We bring decades of experience in Singapore’s education system, and have worked with the education ministries of other countries to review their curriculum.

Every member of our team believes that the future of the world is in our children. We are thoroughly invested in bringing quality, equitable education to everyone — no matter who or where, at competitive and affordable prices.

At the heart of all that we do, the TCher SG team hopes to help level the playing field and ensure that every child can get the help they need to thrive in school and in life .

Our leadership team

Andrew Kang

Chief Executive Officer

  • A former Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) Vice-Principal and National Institute of Education (NIE) International External Consultant with 18 years of teaching, management, and school leadership experience
  • Highly passionate about a student-centric, values-driven educational approach focused on mutual respect, motivation, and a positive learning environment
  • Served in MOE schools as a top school leader, creating a vision for learning and providing support to teachers and students alike, building a culture of strong rapport and trust between all stakeholders
  • A leader in education management and development, planning and design, pedagogy and assessment

Our management team

Angeline Teo

Chief Operating Officer

  • Founded and built exam paper super-app SG Primary (now the TCher SG App)
  • Over 20 years of regional experience helping organisations define their customer experience and operations strategy
  • Led networks of teams across Asia and Greater China to deliver world class customer experience and operations support
  • Passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility and people development
  • Skilled in leading teams to deliver premium quality customer care
  • Believes in inspiring the mindset of continuous learning and improvement in individuals as well as at an organisational level.

Chua Chee How

Chief Technology Officer

  • Key personnel behind the Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) by Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore
  • Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for a local edtech startup
  • Experienced in education software development such as cloud solutions and mobile apps
  • Passionate about leveraging edtech to push global e-learning to the next level

Jerome Lau

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Managing Director and co-founder of homegrown advertising agency Splash Productions
  • Deep expertise in spearheading brand consultancy and marketing communication strategies for a wide range of businesses, from startups to MNCs.
  • Armed with a Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) Degree from Nanyang Technological University
  • Registered Management Consultant with the Institute of Management Consultants Singapore (IMCS)
  • Fellow with Company of Good under the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre
  • President of NTU Alumni Club

Our expert educators

It is important that your child is coached by qualified educators who truly understand their teaching content and can engage students effectively. At TCher SG, you can be sure that our teachers are qualified educators. We screen our teachers carefully to ensure they have the training, experience and aptitude to deliver quality teaching.

Beyond technical skills, our educators are truly passionate about education — not just to deliver lessons but to nurture, coach and help every child to progress in subject mastery and learning confidence.