Technology – TCher SG

Smarter learning powered by edtech

Unlike many others in the market, TCher SG is and always has been a specialist in online teaching.

We integrate leading-edge edtech and proprietary online tools to make every lesson and learning resource engaging and effective — from automated marking and instant answers to smart tech to track and reward student participation.

TCher SG Digital Classroom

Bringing classroom learning online.
Adding all that online can offer.

Our purpose-built digital classrooms are built with students in mind, and designed to deliver the best learning outcomes. Teachers can monitor the class effectively, track and measure students’ understanding and progress, identify learning gaps, and generate instant reports after every class to track learning and participation.

Easy installation

Enjoy secured installation and a streamlined registration process for your convenience.

Pre-lesson tasks

Designed to stretch students’ learning capabilities, these tasks help them to prepare for lessons to achieve more effective learning outcomes.

Interactive classroom

Students can raise virtual hands, write on virtual blackboards, participate in class quizzes, earn e-trophies and even drop feedback on our lessons.

Lesson recordings

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience to watch replays of video lessons to catch up on missed classes or to aid revision.

TCher SG App

All the top school exam papers you want, on one smart platform

Get unlimited access to over 50,000 of the most sought-after past-year exam questions from top primary schools in Singapore, all on the TCher SG App. Perfect for your child to test their understanding of key topics, identify areas for improvement, and as an effective preparation tool for assessments and exams.

Intuitive interface

Simple and child-friendly navigation designed to let students get to what they need easily and quickly. Filter and choose digitised exam questions based on academic level, school, subject and topic.


Less marking, more learning. Auto-marking means you can identify learning gaps
easily and conveniently without the need to check against an answer sheet.

Solutions and explainer videos

Learn from worked solutions and over 1,000 explainer videos with step-by-step guides for additional explanations.

TCher SG Online Academy

Enabling self-directed learning with top-quality video lessons

Our TCher SG Online Academy provides a safe and individualised learning space for your child to learn at their own pace. With over 120 hours of video lessons, you are assured of up-to-date, MOE-aligned teaching that your child can access at any time and from anywhere.

High-quality lessons covering the latest MOE syllabus

Expect highly accurate and updated teaching content only. All our teaching videos align closely with MOE’s latest curriculum, with each designed and produced by our team of expert educators.

Asynchronous learning to complement classes

Our video lessons let students choose the topics they want to learn or relearn, reinforce understanding of key topics, do quick refreshers, all at their own time and pace. It’s like having qualified teachers always on call!

On-demand lessons

Watch our video lessons any time, anywhere. Prepare for lessons in advance or revise key concepts after class to reinforce learning.